Meet the Artist
Jon is a man of many
passions.  A lover of life,
his family, airplanes,
Harley's, the great USA,
the Bronco's, and fun!  
Jon is a pilot and loves to
spend spare time in the
Ask and Harley Rider what they are looking for out on the road, and you'll get a similar
answer...Freedom.  Jon finds his Freedom in the air and on his Harley with good friends and
good times.  Jon isn't the kind of guy to sit around and wish he could do something.  He's the
kind of guy to just go out and do it and love every minute of it! A fun loving Dad and a
passionate artist, Jon leads a full life!  

Jon's Father was a talented sign painter, and Jon
grew up with a brush in his hand.  He has been
pinstriping everything from Cars, planes,
semi-trucks, RV's, boats, bikes, and more for over
30 years.  He is a Colorado native who loves the
outdoors and this great state and country in which
we live. Jon is a true, born artist.  He pours a talent
and grace into everything he does that only comes
from a lifelong passion and the skills gathered from
persuing that passion.
"No Rules!"-Jon